Do I need to verify my paypal?

May 17, 2009 7:13pm CST
I read in a discussion yestarday that I need to verify my paypal account before I get my payment here in mylot. Is it true? I thought its okay if my paypal is unverified. Now I'm confuse.
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@owlwings (40019)
• Cambridge, England
18 May 09
No, you don't need a verified PayPal account to be paid by MyLot. A verified PayPal account is one which is linked to your Bank account or Credit Card so that you can transfer money between the two so if your account is unverified, you won't be able to transfer the money to a bank account, though you will be able to pay for goods and services from anyone who accepts PayPal. The FAQ section dealing with payments is here: Notice that MyLot recommend a Premier account (which is a verified account) but that is only a recommendation and any PayPal account will work. The other thing you need to check is whether PayPal is available in your country. The list here suggests that the Philippines is not a country in which PayPal is available but I find that odd, since there are many people from the Philippines here and I am sure that I have seen evidence that some, at least, have been paid. Since, from what you say, you appear to have a PayPal account, I don't think there will be any problem with getting your earnings from MyLot.
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• Malaysia
18 May 09
It is okay...but when you need to withdraw you money in your paypal account then you need to verified it. My paypal too unverified. I have to do credit card first to verified my paypal. So I can withdraw my paypal money directly to my card. Have a nice day!
@anangf (1148)
• Indonesia
18 May 09
To received payment from myLot dot com, you did not need to verified your paypal account. Unless you want your payment to widthdraw to your bank account. To has Verified account paypal, you must have a credit card, or you just buy a virtual cerdit card. So, it is up to you to choise and how to earn your dollar in paypal account. If you want to buy something online, you do not need to witdhraw it or its mean did not need to have verified paypal account. If you plan to cash out your money, you need a verified paypal account. Happy myLotting..
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
18 May 09
I am prettuy sure a friend of mine ddn't have his account verified when I had to send him money and he got it but I think it is better to have it verified...
• United States
18 May 09
No, you don't need to verify your PayPal account to receive payment from MyLot. I would know. My Paypal account is unverified. So whoever said you need to was either mistaken or lying.