TICKS!!! I can't STAND them! How do you keep them off of YOU?

United States
@mentalward (14716)
May 18, 2009 7:10am CST
I have two cats and two dogs. The cats roam around outside at their leisure. The dogs are restricted to the deck, unless somebody is with them. BUT, all of them have Frontline Plus on them. It keeps ticks and fleas off of the animals but, so far this season, I've taken 5 ticks off of myself! (SHUDDER!!!!) They hadn't attached themselves to me; they were just cruising along looking for a good place to park when I felt them. They give me the creeps!!! I have enough problems without getting Lyme Disease! I've taken a couple of ticks off of my dogs when I saw them moving around in their hair... none have attached themselves to the dogs, either. I've also killed two fleas this year. These are the first fleas I've seen since we moved to this house, two years ago, either inside or outside. What are these... mutant ticks and fleas? Are they immune to Frontline Plus? How do you keep them off yourself?