Two year old son.

United States
May 18, 2009 3:30pm CST
Let me ask every one a question. I have a son that just turned two but he does not say full sentences should I be worried. And he does not say mama at all. He calls just about everyone dada. Reports say that a two year old should say about 16 to 20 words. But he has far less than that in is vocabulary. Should I be worried that he is not catching on as fast as my other children did? Although he does not say the words he understands everything you ask him to do. What should I do? Does he need help? What do you all think?
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@magrylouyu (1630)
• United States
22 May 09
I wouldnt worry too much at this point. If he is understanding everything that you say to him, he is probably just being "lazy" about it. My daughter who just turned 4 was the same way, and now you cant shut her up. I think my daughter might have a speach delay but she is trying and has a vocab of over 100 words and is talking in 3 or more words at a time. I would start to have a more concern if he is 4 and still has a vocab of less then 25 words then I would start to be worried. I just wouldnt be too concerned at the moment as he is still pretty young.
@spalladino (17923)
• United States
20 May 09
You said that your son just turned 2, which means he just left being 1. All children learn different skills at their own pace but, if you are concerned, have him checked out by his doctor, just to be on the safe side. The dada thing will work itself out if you correct him when he calls someone other than his father "dada". My youngest granddaughter just recently started calling me Nana because I kept nagging her! She would say "PoP", probably because that's more fun to say. Be sure to talk to your son a lot and, if possible, have him other adults and children of all ages. The more socialization your child gets the more he will be encouraged and forced to communicate.
@mommaj (22893)
• United States
19 May 09
I think you should take your son to the doctor. If you think something isn't right than you need to have it checked. You're his protector. No one else can help him. If your child met all his milestones on time then you may want to have his hearing checked. If your son didn't meet all the milestones on time then it could be something else. Yes your child should be saying more than dada. My son was talking a little more than that, but he was always late with his milestones. He was late crawling, walking, and talking. I went to the two year old appointment and told the doctor. He wasn't too concerned since it wasn't hearing related. By the time my son turned three I told the doctor there was something wrong and I wanted him to get help. A year later he was diagnosed with autism. There could be many reasons your son doesn't talk but you should take an active role and find out why and if you can help him in some way.
• India
19 May 09
my daughter(a doctor now) started muttering only at the age of nearly 3 but that was long back better get the son examined by a ent specialist and a pediritics and if avery thing is physiologically ok ther is nothing to worry Strange it may sound my grand son started wobbling words at the age of 9 months and now he is one and half years age speaks fluently like an old boy ! I doo not think ther is any need to worry but better it would be to consult a doctor and go by his advice all the best
@lawana_f (327)
• United States
18 May 09
This is a problem that my daughter went through with her son, then he spent a month with the rest of us and she learned that you have to talk to children and expect them to answer before they start talking. If they can get by with pointing or crying and get what they want then that is what the will do. You report that he understands everything you ask him to do so there should not be a hearing problem. Try getting him to answer questions or if he wants something he has to say the word, if that does not work then you should make an appointment with the doctor to rule out problems.
@Archie0 (4668)
18 May 09
There is not much to worry about it.He is just learning things yet, dont go on age or force him to learn those things but help him and let him enjoy what he is learning.There are many such kids who dont start talking early but are not weak just relax and try to be with him..