When do you find the most choice of discussions to respond to?

May 20, 2009 2:46am CST
I live in Spain, and I find that the first time I log on, between 9.00 and 10.00am, there are so many discussions I want to respond to that I could sit at the computer all day if I wasn't strict with myself. When I have my last session on Mylot, at about 11.00pm or later, I find I have to search for discussions I like. In the morning, I can find discussions just by clicking the top of the page - I never have to read the lists or search. Thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that, because of different time zones and Mylot's worldwide membership, some of the most active members are just logging on as I go to bed, having returned from work or college and finished the day's chores. So when I get up, there is a rich fund of discussions available. Am I right? If you are outside Europe is your 'best' time different?
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@neildc (17252)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
3 Aug 09
I came from the Philippines and our time is 6 hours ahead of yours. When it's your time to log-in, I'm practically finished responding to the discussions. We can meet online by the time I am going to rest, maybe at 1:00pm to 5:00pm on your side. On that time of yours, is I think the best time for me to start a new topic for I am sure that there are lots of members logged-in by that time.
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12 Jul 09
I've noticed a sort of pattern forming not only for when I find the most discussions to respond to but also when I get the most discussions to my discussions. I'm in the UK and often when I log on to myLot in the morning I will have had a handful of responses to my discussions but then I don't find many which really interest me at that time. But when I log on in the evening I often find a few discussions straight away which grab my attention. But then I guess it is also down to what sorts of discussions you enjoy as to when you will find the best flow of them.
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@thea09 (18323)
• Greece
10 Jul 09
Hi sandra, I wondered about the time difference too. Usually I turn the computer on and leave it on all day and have started to look at Mylot at odd times, late when it is too hot to face sleep, or early as today. Today I was up at 6, coolest time, but we were meant to be going out on our friends tourist boat for a lazy day of coasting along, stopping for swims and eating lunch, but discovered early today the plans were off as the engine had a problem. So I have no plans for today and if we stay in till it cools down I will be off and on the computer. My plan for mylotting now is to look at the discussions of people I find make good discussions and respond to them even if they are a bit out of date, not the posters, the discussions.
@angelsmummy (1700)
20 May 09
i always go onto no responses as there is a wide variety and you dont just get subjects from your interests so i find there are more than in any other dissucussions, some more interewsting some not so interesting, what I have found is that if they have a good title they are normally a good disucussion. So just today try no responses see how you get on! i love it personally!! =D
• Spain
20 May 09
Thanks for that tip. I've never looked there - I don't know why, but I certainly will try it. I like to respond to plenty of discussions, as I think that gives you ideas for starting your own. I think you're right about the title indicating whether the discussion is good or not. If people have chosen the title carefully, it usually means they have thought about the topic, rather than just starting a discussion on the first thing that enters their head.
@busky5 (3166)
• Thailand
4 Aug 09
I will like to create new discussion 2 rounds, in the morning and in the evening.I think in 2 time is good to do.IN Thailand now 6.52 pm
@jellymonty (2358)
12 Jul 09
I think for those of us in Europe most of us log in during the midnight hour. I usually am on my lot from midnight till 4am and they are always plenty of people posting new topics and you're bound to find someone who will respond to your topic as soon as you finish to post it. Never log in during the day so I don't know how many people are on during that time.
• Singapore
20 May 09
people just login mylot whenever they have time or when they are free , for me , i don't login at the same time everyday , different country have different timing , so almost everytime there's a lot of discussions , it's depend on whether the discussions make you interested to respond or not .