What was your first salary?

@cudamani (998)
May 21, 2009 3:11am CST
My first salary was Indian rupees 847. This was given to me by the management of reputed school in Madras when I taught there for the first time in the yeat 1987. What was you first salary?
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• India
7 Jun 09
Hi friend my first salary was INR 725 pm. This salary was given the united group in Bhopal as a stipend in 1986 AUGUST. This is my first job after completing diploma in engineering.
@scififan43 (2440)
• United States
23 May 09
when I first started working I was not on a salurly. I was paid the mimmumn wage for an hourly rate. this was in 1985 after I graduated high school. My frist job was in a grocery store and I wis paid $3.35 per hour to shack groceeries for coustomers. I received my first saluary when I served in the Navy and I was paied about $800.00 per month.
@vivianchen (2648)
• China
22 May 09
The first salary of mine? Is part time job counted? If so, then that would be when i was still a college student. I think i got 200RMB, i did not spend it right away, i think i used it to pay for my monthly food.
@mahanjili (105)
• India
21 May 09
My first salary was only Rupees 700. It was very doifficu8lt for me to run with this small amount. so, additionally, i became private tutor and earned around 10,000 rupess. It was really a struggling moment for me
@subha12 (18453)
• India
21 May 09
Oh My God! I was very small at that time in 1987. anyways, it was 2004 and my first salary was INR 11000. Rs after deduction.Now I earn little more.
@kath_b (116)
• Philippines
21 May 09
My first salary was about 8 thousand pesos and i like spent it right away and it just disappeared though before that i had 4600 pesos as allowance for the two months of work i did. anyway, that was so small...hahahahaha. now im earning a bit more but still its just okay with me here. but if you were living alone and all your salary is for food, lodging, etc. it wouldnt be enough.