where and how to learn to be a good teacher ?

@pinetree (218)
May 22, 2009 7:13am CST
This is important for me ,for I want to be a good teacher
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• India
30 May 09
At firsr you should choose some good teacher. Then you must follow them heart and sole. From their every activity you will learn something new. If you begin, you will realise that something good is happened in your own mind. A little example, when I was in class 4 standard one good teacher teach me the techniques of good handwritting. Following him I improve my handwritting and get the best award of school. At PG level when I deliver my first seminar, one of my best teacher teach me everything to deliver the lecture. Also it was the best seminar lecture. So, you please follow the good qualities of the good teachers. Think yourself that you will be a good teacher, it makes you a responsible teacher for the incoming generation. Today the crisis of genuine teacher is very much. I encourage you for this ideal profession. Thanks a lot. Wish you happy learning.
@CJscott (4183)
• Canada
28 Jun 09
To become a good teacher, you must find a good teacher and learn from them. You need a mentor to be a mentor. What are you wanting to teach, who are you wanting to teach?
• Philippines
29 May 09
Hi pinetree! ;) I am currently taking up education and within one year I'll be graduating from my course ;) Regarding your query, I just want to share some story. In our psychology class, our teacher asked us "What for you is a teacher". A classmate told in the class that a teacher is the one who teaches the students and immediately our psychology professor told my classmate, "that's what you'll be when you become a teacher. you'll be basing your sense as a teacher just by your profession". That's why to be a good teacher, you should ask yourself first, "what for you is a good teacher?" my classmate's answer was actually right.. but once you knew the depth of your answer and the essence of a good teacher, then sooner you'll learn how to be one. but for me, to be a good teacher, I think you should learn the professional and personal aspects of being one. By professional means you have to dress like a teacher, get along with your colleagues, and you should have a well-modulated voice and be able to speak to others. By personal means you should be considerate enough towards the students, you should inspire them to reach their goals and you should act as a second parent to them. Being a teacher is a profession, a mission and a vocation. Once you have these three, no doubt you'll be a great teacher. :)