Man find drugs and helps community ,saviour or villan ?

@ronnyb (6119)
May 22, 2009 4:39pm CST
A man finds several kilos of cocaine and sells it and uses the money to help himself and other members of the community. This is he does through donations to local charities ,friends and even seeds local business opportunities. Now this is a community which has long since been neglected by the government and has basically fallen off the political map because apart from the human resource has no factories and hence contributes very little to the coffers of the government . Now what are the issues as far as you are concerned ? .Should the man have called the cops and turned it over to them ,who might just have taken it for themselves and used it to enrich themselves? Or should he have destroyed the evil which has the ability to destroy many lives ? Or do you think that he is doing a good job of impacting on people's lives in a positive sense ? .or do you think that blood will be on his shoulder for the lives of those who the drugs will eventually affect ? Thank you for your responses in advance ?
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
23 May 09
Hi ronnyb, My first thought at reading this was: what answer would Jesus Christ give to this question? I'm not sure why that popped in my mind but I no longer feel qualified to comment, at least not at the moment. Blessings.
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@sanuanu (11238)
• India
23 May 09
Ah, I would be interested in your POV on this topic. For me, he is doing a wrong job and must stop right now. The only relaxation which he deserve is that he should not face jail but he must stop selling those. Accepted that he is using the money for a good cause but in result he is destroying some lives too. We are not living in a jungle where a lion needs to kill a deer to get his hunger fulfiled, isn't ti?
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