If you were a day of the week, what day do you think you'd be?

May 23, 2009 2:53am CST
I don't mean what day were you born, but what day suits your personality, for whatever reason? So I want you to really think about this, not just come out with a one-liner. I would be Sunday, I think, because people tell me I have a very sunny nature. Another thing is that Sunday is a family and friends day, when things like work can be forgotten and you can enjoy spending time with people you want to be with, rather than those you have to be with. Sunday is a day that can be organised or just enjoyed, there are no hard and fast rules about it. I'm like that - I like to go with the flow and not have too much structure in my life. What day would you be, and why?
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19 Aug 09
In the words of Lionel Richie "that's why I'm easy. I'm easy like Sunday morning". Seriously though I would say that I am most like a Sunday as I am very laid back and do things at my own pace which is how I have always thought of Sundays to be. A laid back day where people get a lay in and generally potter about doing those things they don’t do during the week at their own pace and generally taking it easy.
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• United States
24 May 09
What a wonderful question, Sandra! If I could be a day, I think I'd be a Thursday. I'd be looking forward to completing the working week, and opening my arms to embrace the weekend. What a great joy that could be!
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@billzehua (573)
• China
23 May 09
Mondy,monday is the begaining to the working day,the rule for almost everybody. after relaxation, monday means energy, enthusiasm, and hunger for responsibility, achievement.while take a view from the other direction, mondy also means about remainging fatigue from the weekend, the laziness to delay the relaxation mind.quite popular phenonment among working people, as well. that almost wraps about me, have high ups and deep downs in life perspective.
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• Singapore
29 May 09
I would be Friday!. Friday is the day to knock off early and relax at a cool place with friends. sat is more for exercise and sun is for family. Thus I treaure and enjoy Friday...
@GardenGerty (100331)
• United States
24 May 09
I would have to be Monday. I always feel busy and trying to catch up. It is my hardest day of the week and it seems to be the day that has to get organized for the rest of the week. I am always trying to plan and organize things like that.