how to make sure your family still love you..

May 23, 2009 2:32pm CST
to make sure my family still love me..i like to help them went they have a problem..take care about them..wish them went they birthday coming.. so how about you?.share with me your opinion ...
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@phyrre (2324)
• United States
24 May 09
I know that my family loves me no matter what, so I don't ever feel the need to make sure they do. They've proved it time and time again by being there when I needed them the most. :) I do like to make sure they know just how much I love them, though. I tell them every chance I get, go out of my way to cheer them up when their side, I'm always there when they need a shoulder to lean on (or cry on, whatever works!), I'm there when they need to talk. If they need money, I lend it to them. If they need advice, I give it freely (and I even give it sometimes when they DON'T want it! Then again, these are all things that they've done for me my entire life, so it's really only a small thing in return for all they've given me.