What do you really believe? Does GOD exist, or he (she) doesn't?

May 25, 2009 4:35pm CST
I'm not talking about religion, just about a hypothetical god
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@owlwings (39878)
• Cambridge, England
25 May 09
No, there is no such thing as a hypothetical God. There is a real one, though, which (nearly) all religions acknowledge and try to educate their followers in how to deal with. Most of them fail abysmally because they have evolved other agendas (like controlling the people and getting money out of them).
• Italy
25 May 09
Impressive, it's EXACTLY what I think. Respect
@drsenergy (159)
• United States
28 May 09
Yes God exists. There is no other explanation for the origin of the earth, the universe, and the existence of life. In all of creation with the order of the seasons, night and day, you can see that someone greater than a mere human had to have created this. It had to be someone far superior in intelligence, and power.
@rrdj71 (696)
• United States
25 May 09
I BELIEVE!! After all how could every star and every planet stay suspended in mid air and not fall literaly on our heads. Or those wild flowers that grow everywhere and the rain that keeps them alive. And who thought a bird how to sing so beautifully? I see Him in EVERYTHING!!