Why is it so hard to get a visa going to USA?

May 25, 2009 10:28pm CST
I really want to go and visit USA. I havent tried getting a visa. Everybody said i may not get in or my visa will not be approved, for some obvious reason. First my financial situation, i dont have money in my bank account right now. Second, because of this economic problem that all countries are facing right now. third is because im from philippines, then always think that all filipino want to live and stay in the US once we enter their country. I just hope that someday, it will be easier to get a visa going to USA and there will be no discrimination. People have the same rights.
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@jstmarfz (1499)
• United States
26 May 09
Hello kababayan! It is not true that if you are filipino you will not be granted for a tourist visa. USA has been very strict with their policy for those immigrant who wants to go here since the bombing with the twin tower or what they called 911. With financial situation, yes it is true. They sometimes review your financial status because they want to know why you are flying here and if you really have enough money to afford the expenses like your flight, place to stay, and etc. Tourist visa is the most difficult visa to have. Before they approve or grant you a tourist visa, they have to make it sure that you have the reason for you to come back after your tourist visa's expiration. Also of the reason lots of TNT that haven't found yet.
• Philippines
27 May 09
that is the sad part of it, everybody suffer because of some filipino who become a TNT in USA. this is for discussion only... i mean, lets say your an ordinary worker here but you can afford your plane ticket and your stay in US, because you been saving it for quite sometime now. And your only plan is just to visit America because of all the movies that you watched, so you want to visit those places and then you will get denied because your just an ordinary worker. Let say me, im a bank employee and every year since i started saving 25t a year. and i been working for almost 15 years now. so i have enough money to travel but still they will denied my petition for tourist visa because im a plain employee. Actually in applying for visa is all luck. there are people whos been approved for visa but never showed financial documents. i hope you understand my point.
26 Oct 09
Well the reason why its so hard to get a visa in US its because they want to make sure that you will not be a burden to their country. You said that you have no money in your bank account nor any assets in the Philippines, then what is your purpose of coming here, for vacation??? that makes any sense??? people don't just go here without any business unless you are really rich. The cost of living in US is very expensive even you have relatives ask them they can't even provide your needs. I would suggest just keep on hitching your American dreams, who knows someday you may get a good opportunity like a job per'se, but i discourage you to go here for nothing. People come here to get a job or petition by their husband or immediate family or for business matters. Don't question the immigration nor the Country itself they are just protecting their land and their citizens. USA is a land of good opportunity and not a land for lazy people, sometimes there are some alien dragging their nature behavior that brings them into trouble then you don't belong here. Someday you will understand why they have to do that, however I am a filipina and i love our country Philippines what matters most.
@rsa101 (16833)
• Quezon City, Philippines
27 May 09
I guess that is really the dilemma of every Filipino that applies for a Visa. my father had this same situation before when he was younger and applied for a Tourist Visa he was denied because they were suspecting that my father would become illegal aliens because many of his brothers and sisters are already living in there. They only invited my father because her sister was retiring already and she wants her brother to be there for him to experience US. Now that my father is retired, father and mother both applied again and they were immediately approved for tourist Visa and was given multiple entry. They are now there and enjoying their visit to many of my relatives there. They will be back this August after visiting most of my relatives in there. They were even approved to stay there until November this year. Well I guess they are really strict in allowing visitors in their country because of the difficulty they are having in but they are interested to people who would like to put in money in their country because they need money right now. They are strict for those that go there that are young and able to be employed because right now they are having difficulty domestically that is why they discourage outsiders from working there.