GUITAR: classic vs metal

@Bazerk (297)
New Zealand
May 26, 2009 7:21pm CST
What would you rather hear? What would you rather play? Metal or classic? Or what about them being combined! I play both and love them but I can't decide what's better.
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• Indonesia
30 May 09
Metal n classic are the same.. but i rather play metal or them being combined i thing that nice.. basicly metal n classic r not much different
@chapstek (86)
• Philippines
3 Jun 09
Well if you are asking what is "better", both type of music are not the same so you cannot compare those. Both have their own distinctive qualities in terms of musicality, mood, tempo, time signatures, etc. For me, I'd play both! Both will contribute to you being a musician and playing lots of different other genres will expand your musical bounderies. So I say that you play both and experiment with different types of music. :)
• Philippines
28 May 09
I don't know much about metal music but all i know is i'm a music lover but not hard rock songs. I like slow rock ,classical songs and especially love songs. I like all love songs because it's nice to hear them very relaxing and meaningful . Most songs that i like are from the 80's or 70's. I only like a few songs from these days because most of it don't have serious meaning and the way it sings is not so touching and heart-lifting like the songs from older days. If somebody hear songs from the older times, they can relate or connect that to some events in their lives either sad, happy or lonely.
@lelin1123 (15644)
• Puerto Rico
28 May 09
I would rather hear classic than the metal.
@ema1983 (51)
27 May 09
kinda hard to say but i reckon its great combined or left as it is. my partner plays both and manages to combine classic and metal. usually depends on your mood
@Metalchick (1387)
27 May 09
I'd primarily say metal because I am much more into screaming guitars however after saying that a lot of folk and gothic metal bands incorporate classical and melodic pieces into their songs. An example might be elvenking, finntroll, korpiklaani or nightwish. There are loads of bands out there that merge the two.
@jellymonty (2358)
27 May 09
I love both so a mixture of both is good. I can't play the guitar as I find it so hard to learn. I would love to know how to play it.. But if i had to choose one it probably would be classic.. I love the base guitar the best..
@Cheryl_A (40)
• United States
27 May 09
I'm not sure but I think maybe I lean towards metal. I guess it depends on my mood when it comes to listening to anything. I don't play anything though.:(
@ulalume (714)
• United States
27 May 09
I listen to a wide range of music. I play guitar as well and listen mostly to metal (particularly fusions like symphonic, folk, and jazz metal). If I was forced to choose, I would definitely have to go with classical guitar as it is much more soothing. "Metal" guitar is mostly shred, which is enjoyable but has relatively no meaning.