Business and friends can not be mingled.

United States
May 26, 2009 8:56pm CST
From the reality, I think business and friends can not be mingled. For example, my older cousin hired her good friend to work for her when she had her restaurant grand opening. Some customers might had some complaints for her friend, and she had to talk to her in private, since she is her friend. She just gave her some good advise, and not scolded at her. Another complaint, my cousin really has to scolded her, because she afraid to lose customers. Even since then, her friend quitted, and they were not talk again. So, that is my vivid sample of business and friend can not be mingled. You know what I mean here?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
27 May 09
Yes it can cause problems as any negatives directed to a friend can turn personal which in affect affects the friendship, I think if you are in charge of a business you have to be in full control and not have to worry about upsetting friendships.
• Hong Kong
28 May 09
Yes, you are right. I am thinking the same way, in the first place state clearly who is in charge of the business would be very helpful, it is very important to state it very clear.
@HelloMickey (1663)
• Hong Kong
28 May 09
That's very true in reality. And I don't like the concept friends should consider or accept all mistakes our friends have done, particularly when we are talking about the business thing. Some people like to take advantages when they think they have good relationship with the boss, that's very bad and will ruin the business if no one really perform his/her best at work and only think of relationship.
@sonusd (1548)
• India
27 May 09
yes i am also agree that business should not mingled up any time with friends or relatives because once i had given money to my friend with a verbal agreement that he will return me after 1 month, but the days pass on and after 3 month also he did not refund me and as he is my friend i could not force hom also to pay me and that creates a distance between he and me so after some days he paid me but now we are not friends
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
27 May 09
In general business and friends, or for that matter business and close associates or relatives, should not mix. They can be together if each individual behaves in a professional way. This means that when it comes to business rules and regulations should be followed. Any errors should be rectified. Any advice or telling off should be accepted as part of the job. Unfortunately there are many people who think that because they are close friends of the business owner they are above criticism and can do anything that they please. Some even forget about hierarchy. Some even have the gall to take complete control of the business as what I experienced about 8 years back. When starting a business it may be better to employ non-friends. all the best, rosdimy
@amoyube1980 (2233)
• Somalia
27 May 09
I agree that business and friends mingling could cause some problems in the future especially if you and your friend's minds are not travelling in the same wavelength. But having your friend as a business partner could also be good sometimes especially if you really trust each other and your skills combined could produce good effects on the business..