Master Colon Cleanse day 5 and calling it quits!

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May 29, 2009 1:52pm CST
So I have made it half way through the recommended 10 days. I think I am calling quits though. Everything is going fine and I really had no problems with my cleanse at all. In fact everything went really well, and I feel entirely cleansed. My last two flushes had hardly anything in them, pretty much looked just like my lemonade. I'm guessing that is because there is nothing left to flush out. My detox period stink is gone and I feel great. Just about an hour ago I drank a DanActive and at a Yoplus+ to start reseeding my colon with healthy and wanted bacteria. I am going to continue eating these forever I think. The Yoplus is really really yummy! I still will not be eating solid food for a little bit though. I am going to stick with soft mushed up fruit and orange juice for the rest of today and then tomorrow I will do some raw kale and spinach. I will also have a DanActive and a Yoplus as well a few ounces of Kombucha. I might try a tiny piece of fish tomorrow with my son for dinner but I highly doubt it. I think I should get my digestive system up and running on it's own before I really start in on the heavy fat and protein. Thanks to the few people that followed my journey and I really hope that this guide helps others make a more informed decision about a cleanse. I will state again that I am absolutely against this being used for nothing more than rapid weight loss. While I feel fine and don't expect this to have been damaging in any way, I know that there are too many people out there that will take this too far for the wrong reasons. Please, if you want to improve your weight take my suggestion and stop eating processed sugar, stop drinking soda (even diet), start eating a diet consisting of at least 80% veggies and starch and only 20% proteins and fats like fish and beef and cheese and nuts. Thanks again for every ones thoughts this week, it's been a weird one. happy MyLotting!
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@peavey (15395)
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29 May 09
I haven't posted (sorry), but I've come across your posts on your detox a few times. It takes a lot of determination to do this and I've yet to take the first step. Since I have a kidney condition, I need to have a doctor's OK to begin. Soon...
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30 May 09
I certainly agree that anyone looking to do a colon cleanse and body detox should first consult with at least one physician. Good luck with it and thanks for the kind words about my determination.