May 29, 2009 9:03pm CST
i am currently growing my nails but i have found that they easily split and then i have to cut them off again. its getting really annoying because it takes forever for them to grow. does any one have any suggestions on how i can get them stronger for longer? thank you
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@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
30 May 09
Take calcium. I actually don't know if that works now, but I don't have that problem because when my mother was pregnant with us, she'd take those chewable calcium tabs everyday, that's why our bones, nails and teeth are strong. But just try it. If it doesn't work, perhaps you're not meant to grow long fingernails.
30 May 09
thank you for your response. i already take calcium stuff and i have diary products all the time as i have weak bones and am low in calcium so i have to. maybe thats why my nails aint growing. i have tried this paint on varnish thats meant to strengthn nails but it only worked for a week or so and then it stopped working.
• Philippines
17 Oct 09
Garlic works really well to harden your nails, the backside though is that they smell! so do it only at night at least once a week. Poke your nail into a garlic and I swear it makes it a lot harder. However, if you don't like that LOL, try using hardening nail polish, Sally Hansen has some.. I have really long nails now and I used to have the same problem as yours, what I do is I simply put colorless nail polish on my nails, it makes it harder already :)
@saw2207 (1363)
• United States
31 May 09
First of all you need to wear plastic gloves whenever washing dishes or when your hands are in too much water. Second a good top coat is a key ingredient to keeping them strong and not be brittle. Also they need to be clean underneath and cuticles need to be pushed back and tidy. . .and last if you can drink a packet of Knox Nutra Mix, It has biotin and Gelatin which promote healthy nail growth base by acting at the base of the nail matrix where the growth begins. Not the easiest thing to drink but you can poice it up a bit. . .best part of it .. is the beautiful nails you will have in just a few weeks. . not only will they be beautiful but they will be as strong as anox!