gung ho about dancing for fitness

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May 30, 2009 2:14am CST
I thought that I had seen and done my last pole trick when I retired from my last gentlemen's club last year. But as I gained some weight (over 20lbs) I realized that there really is no other type of structured fitness activity that captures my interests and tests all of my physical attributes like pole dancing. I didn't really get into doing really energetic and fancy pole trick routines until the tag end of my career, since most of the girls in clubs are fairly lax and as long as no one is putting it out there and working the pole dancers tend to twirl around the pole a bit and lean against it trying to look sexy. Anyway about two months ago my bf installed a pole at my house. Actually outside my house and I have removed the better part of the 20+lbs that I had gained. I have gaines strength, balance, agility, flexibility, and muscle tone. I have been so gung ho about pole dance workouts that I have started chronicaling my journey back to physical fitness by blogging. By posting videos of my progress on your tube, I have my own channel and around 6 or 7 videos posted there at you can go directly to my latest posted video here and I have built a website to both tell people about pole dance for fitness and also a website for vertical fitness in the hope that I will inspire others to either take up pole for fitness or some other type of dance for fitness regimen. I have also taken up belly dancing lessons, for when I don't feel like going outside to pole practice. Anyway, check out my vids and tell me what you think!
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8 Jun 09
Dancing is a very effective way to stay in shape. I started taking ballroom dancing lessons about six months ago, and I had lost about six pounds over the first five lessons. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I am unable to return to take more classes, because, having taken ballet, jazz, and lyrical for about five years, I was progressing through the classes too fast. By the end of the three months that I took lessons, the classes were up to $85 a lesson. I really can't afford it, but I would love to get back into it. I'm a home school kid, and I'm pretty out of shape, considering I don't have to have a P.E. class. That and Wii Fit were my two exercise types of choice. I'm hoping, since it's pretty close to my birthday, to get money as gifts, so I can pre-pay for my classes and get back into shape. Dancing professionally is my dream, and I'm not going to let a few expenses get in my way. =D