The Horizon Outlet

United States
May 30, 2009 4:42pm CST
I recently was invited to shop at this online store, but I'm not sure what kind of products they sell. It says it's a super store, so when hearing that I think, like Wal-Mart. But the pictures on the main page, before being allowed entrance show things, that imply it's more like a Scheels sporting store, with binoculars, and camping stuff everywhere. I don't want to subscribe to anything, until I know what's in it for me, so to speak. But just wondering has anyone heard of this place? If so, what kind of products could I find there?
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@spalladino (17926)
• United States
31 May 09
My husband was conned into joining Horizon and gave them one of our credit card numbers when he joined. After checking it out he decided that he didn't want it and cancelled his membership after two days. Three months later they charged that card again. I called and they said it was the membership fee. I told them that that was impossible because my husband had cancelled it and they insisted that he agreed to remain a member after they offered him three months for free. They refused to remove the charge, argued with me about dropping the membership, offered me another three months for free and finally got the message (I thought) that we were done with them. Three months later they charged the card AGAIN and tried once again to convince me that my husband had agreed to keep the membership. This is when I demanded to speak to a supervisor, acccused them of being crooks, threatened legal action and told her that I was reporting them to my credit card company. This time they did agree to remove the charge and they didn't hit that card again. So, be warned if you choose to deal with them.
• United States
31 May 09
Note taken...delete! Thanks, I won't be dealing with them, that's all I needed to hear. At least now you can take something from that whole pain-in-the-neck ordeal, that your experience has now saved me all the trouble, you helped one person..thanks :)
29 Apr 11
Thanks a whole bunch. I was seriously thinking about joining them until I read your post. I'm deleting that email and not even giving them a second thought now. I don't need the headache of it all.