why do we race in F1 cars?

May 31, 2009 2:19am CST
I really wonder why there are races particularly the F1 car bikes and races. For racers it is like thrill doing so at high speeds. But consuming lots of fuel is not very wise. But why do they race. Just for entertaining and earning money or is there any specific reason for racing? Does anyone know about it?
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@faisai (1140)
• Hong Kong
31 May 09
I don't know what makes the first F1 race nor whether there is any specific reason behind it. But then, to race and to win may be the only goal that most F1 racers have in mind. I mean it is just like ball games. What is the reason behind for tennis players to compete in the field? Just to race and win. F1 race is simply another form of race which instead of a racket, you need a F1 car which so happpen requires burning lots of fuel.
• India
31 May 09
But using tennis racket we dont require any working capital.But for F1 we require millions of usd for working capital. And in fact truly said lots and lots of fuel which is a minor component of working capital amount
@wslwzy (11)
• China
1 Jun 09
Just for fun. If no competition,the life will becom bored. Pls think if you dont compete, what's spirit are yours. No spirit, i'm sure. Only competition can activate your spirit and develop you potential, and then bring you fresh and happy.