Racism !!!

May 31, 2009 3:38am CST
With the recent attacks on indians in australia, the practice of racism by locals against the foreign people has again come to limelight. Its not being racist, maybe its about the opportunities that the foreigners take away from the locals which leads to such incidents. Would like everyone to comment whether on this as this issues has slowly yet strongly creeped in almost all the countries now.
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@chookie1971 (2276)
• Australia
31 May 09
I am very upset to hear something like this has happened in my own country. I do ask the question, why can't we all get along. We are many but we share the one world.
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@maximax8 (28958)
• United Kingdom
31 May 09
I think that racism is incredibly sad. No baby chooses which country he or she will be born in. A person can't choose the color of their skin, eyes or hair. I am an experienced traveler and I respect every nationality in the world. I was upset when I heard about some racist attacks against some Indians in Australia. My home country has a population made from many different nationalities. Many citizens of my home country were born here and are second or third generation. I like to think positive things about the differences of religion, culture and nationality.
@syankee525 (6294)
• United States
31 May 09
not sure about there, but it's still alive here in the states. and i think for someone or anyone to hate another for any reason such as skin color or belife is so stuipd and worthless. there is an old saying just because there is one bad apple in the bunch not all of them are bad.
@jb78000 (15173)
31 May 09
this happens everywhere, especially when a country is in recession. It's easy to blame immigrants for the lack of jobs. it is a kind of racism and especially nasty when directed against refugees. While you can argue that immigration should be controlled (which it is just about everywhere) nothing excuses racist attacks or language.
@matersfish (6311)
• United States
31 May 09
I can't speak to exactly what's going on in Australia because I'm not fully aware of it. I am interested, however, and will read up on it after I leave a post. :-) For the most part, it seems to be the same thing that's happening in America with illegal immigration from Mexico. Personally, I don't think that it's racist to oppose illegal immigration, but playing politics, a lot who do oppose are labeled as racists. If you're a white man in America and say something like, "Illegal immigration should stop because it's driving down wages, costing American jobs, overcrowding our jailes, bringing more crime into the country, and forcing taxpayers to spend more money," you will be called racist by the liberal/progressive/secular/social party that wishes to grant immediate citizenship and give benefits to every person that crosses our borders. I've heard the same thing is going on in England with their immigration problems. And a few other countries. I can only speak about America, though. By calling it racism, you're pretty much backing the naysayers into a corner. Instead of opposing illegal immigration, they're now forced to defend themselves against the damning accusations. Over here, being labeled as a racist can easily ruin your life. For all the fighting some have done to ensure that all illegal immigrants are given certain creature comforts, it has left some areas in complete shambles. For example, California is literally bankrupt. They had a vote a while back, where the citizens of CA voted NOT to take care of illegal immigrants (paraphrased), however, the courts overturned this decision. The state spends massive amounts of money on immigration, and maybe they're not broke for that very reason, but it is a contributing factor. Most in America who oppose illegal immigration do not oppose any Mexican people coming here. We simply wish to weed out the bad element and have people go through the proper channels. This is not racist, but unfortunately, people have a right to spew any brand of speech they very well wish.