going green???

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June 1, 2009 4:46pm CST
okay so i've been watching the news a lot lately about the incentives given for tax credits for going green. Do you any of you have any good websites that I could look at to see what I could do as we make up grades in my mom's house about going green. We've already done some things like for instance we've already swiched to the energy saving light bulbs and she bought an actual push mower- not one that involves gas but a real genuine push mower and we're looking at having to replace the windows and the plumbing throughout the house. So that's why I was asking and was curious if someone knew about a website we could look at or search words we could use to find the information to make sure we put the right stuff in.
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@lisan23 (444)
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2 Jun 09
I can't copy and paste, so instead I'll just let you know of some things I do. I bring my own bags to the grocery store. I make my own homemade cleaners, but am considering switching back to a company that makes and sells eco-friendly cleaning products. (If you're interested in making your own homemade cleaners or the company that sells them just send me an instant message - HOPEFULLY I can post links in those and whatever one your interested in I can e-mail you links on it.) Grow some of your own food. I live in an apartment with no space to actually plant a garden, so I do container gardening. I make lists of anything I might need the next time I go out and try and only make one trip a week to run errands. I try and walk/ride a bike as much as possible. (No public transportation here so that's out of the question.) I don't use paper towels, paper plates, plastic forks or spoons. Use natural sunlight during the day, the lights only come on at about 8PM when the sun is setting and the light fades. I will also unplug things that aren't in use. (Toaster, microwave, computer, cell phone chargers, etc.) When we switched from regular light bulbs to CFL bulbs, started unplugging stuff not in use, not using lights, and hanging up clothes to dry (in the winter we'd hang the heavier clothes like jeans and sweaters inside but still dry the rest) our utility bill went from $110 to $75. It is an AWESOME way to save money! Good luck!