who is the best friend in your life ?

@aweins (4203)
June 2, 2009 12:35pm CST
who is the best friend in your life, is it your life partner, your husband, your wife, your girl friend or your boy friend, your mother, your father, your teacher, books......... who will you say is your best friend? for me before my marriage books were something i love to read and i think they were my best friends. i had a variety of good books on different topics. i also like to study on internet. it is a very good medium of studying. before i was not having an unlimited connection to surf so i was not able to study on it but now i can and i love. now my hubby and my baby are my best friends. i share everything to them. they are the best gift of GOD to me and i lve them a lot. what about you all?
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@sid556 (31002)
• United States
4 Jun 09
Really? books are your best friend? Well that's cool if they help you. My best friend has been my best friend for about 43 years. She has been my best friend through my good times and bad...now there is no book that I've ever read...and I read alot...that could ever ever beat that. [u][/u]
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@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
3 Jun 09
This is a really good discussion,and I know that everyone has best friends in their life,and who they are depends on the different person because some people might be best friends with their spouse,while others might be best friends with their siblings,and others might even be best friends with someone they met in school,and then others might even be best friends with their parents,when it comes to be I have two best friends,one is my fiance who I love with all my soul,she always makes me so happy,she is my soul mate,my lover,and my other half,and I could not live without her in my life,and the other is a guy I met my senior year of high school,his sophmore year,we had speech class together,and when we found out we have the same birthday we just kind of became best friends,and we are still best friend up til today,I even consider him my brother,since I am an only child,and he would do anything for me,like I would do anything for him,and both of them are gifts to be from God,have a great day,good luck with your life,and all of your mylotting goals, and Happy Posting.
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@italysmom (313)
• United States
2 Jun 09
My Mom and daughter are my best friends. I dont feel complete when they are not with me. We do literally everything together. They are my gifts from God... Also my Grandma is my best friend. I love being with her so much. She makes me feel safe, and I can tell her anything and she doesnt judge me... I am very lucky to have these three wonderful women in my life.
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• India
3 Jul 09
sorry i am studying.. my best friend is vikram venke edwin thats all they can understand my problems in my life .. my personal matter i will share with them
@Jayrent (129)
• Philippines
5 Jun 09
My best friend in my life is my father. He patiently teaches me in my school works, Give me advices in school activities. Supportive in me about my studies. He is laways there in my side when i need him. He do not have enough time for us, but if you need him he is there. He is not a perfect father, but i like him so much that in rough times of family relationship, he doesn't give up us.