Would you encourage your children to learn a second language?

United States
June 2, 2009 9:39pm CST
A friend of mine has two children, one boy and a girl. Both of them can speak Japanese and English fluently. Since their mother is Japanese. Now, my friend want to encourage them to speak Spanish, since both children learn some from school, and now they speak some Spanish when they watch the Spanish channels. I think that is a good idea. It would be easier for the children to learn a second language while they are still little. They have great memory, and plus some daily practice, they will manipulate the language as they grow up. Would you also encourage your little child to learn a foreign language too?
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@bird123 (10526)
• United States
12 Jun 09
There are lots of people in this world who can speak several languages. Go for it. The more one uses your mind the smarter one gets.
@Theresaaiza (10484)
• Australia
3 Jun 09
I wish my parents encouraged me to speak a lot of language. It is a reality that we don't speak one language and it seems exciting to know a lot of other languages, perhaps write songs or poems in other languages. I would feel very talented if I had learned of other languages.
@achinthya (1219)
• India
3 Jun 09
yes of course, I would ask them to take up the second language, cause learning language is fun and good also it is another quality to know about others language.
@denisewy (90)
• Philippines
3 Jun 09
hi!ü Well, i'm not bragging but I speak 3 languages fluently. I'm a filipino chinese residing in the Philippines so my native tongue is tagalog, but since my parents are chinese, i speak chinese, and i study english in school. I really think that children should learn an0ther language because they will benefit from it when they apply for jobs or do international business. And they can also make new international friends.ü
@meandmy3 (2228)
• United States
3 Jun 09
My children are learning French and Spanish as well as our native English language. All three can speak Spanish very well and are getting very good at French.. I think it is important to equip them with the best education possible and part of this is the ability to communicate with as many people as possible.