What's a major catalyst in the life cycle to you? what makes you live?

United States
June 3, 2009 11:30am CST
What sparks life? is it child birth.. what keeps the cycle continuously moving? is it orbit what brings what was dead back to life? is it rain It perplexes me, how the earth has its own cycle to which to continue creation ( rain) but most of us are upset and take it for granted. What makes life live for you?
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7 Jun 09
I agree with the Beatles on this issue: Love is all we need. It can be applied to virtually every situation. We become better people as we increase the scope and strength of our love for people, nature, the Universe, and on and on.
@jen_barre (104)
• United States
3 Jun 09
Knowing that I'll never have the answer to those questions. Being satisfied that I can appreciate those questions when so many cannot. Hoping that I can accomplish more than I ever dreamed of and embark those ideologies to my little ones so they too may have a satisfying life....appreciation for what others take for granted.