House Resolution 1109

June 4, 2009 4:15pm CST
Is the Filipino Spirit Dead? The Philippine Administrations is really pushing constitutional assembly (CONASS).. Whats Malacanang purpose in the CONASS.. Definitely its term extention.. After all the controversy are we going to allow another Face to face deception. Is the term Democracy have long been buried in our history then Filipino's have a very short term memory..
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@kayin04 (132)
• Philippines
5 Jun 09
As you have said, the only purpose of CONASS is to extend the current president's (and her administration) term for 5, 10, or maybe 20 years. I sure hope that No-El won't happen on 2010, otherwise, I'll be leaving Philippines for good. Democracy has been long forgotten since 2002.
@rsa101 (14874)
• Quezon City, Philippines
5 Jun 09
Yeah as to the real motive of this congressmen are I really do not know what they are trying to do. They are I think for their self preservation and destroy the senate is what I see in them. If they pursue a unicameral there would only be one legislative body left and senate would definitely be dissolve. It is obvious that Senate is the one stumbling block in the administration to do what they want since it is primarily a place where oppositionist politicians thrive, while the congress is the administration's territory. Basically they will control the whole legislative and administrative departments if they would succeed in their plan to revert from presidential to parliamentary. And the thing is they could put Arroyo back in as Prime Minister since she could run in her home province and for sure she would win then her allies would just nominate her back in position to be in control again. I really think that is their plan. They would not want a No-El scenario but will play around the election. The plan would now be election with president and vice president and congressmen will have to vote for their Prime Minister who will eventually control running of the government affairs.