How do you withdraw money from

United States
June 5, 2009 3:38pm CST
So, I went to my donkeymail account one more time today. I click on the payout request; and I also clicked on the withdraw button. From there, it brings me to the withdraw method, I picked "paypal", but on the next line, it asked "Account Number". Do we have an account number on paypal, or it means the email address we signed up with paypal? Really confusing. I selected the amount I want withdraw. The final step, I click the withdraw request button. It just bring me back to the same screen. What is going on? So, really, how do you guys withdraw your earnings from donkeymail?
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@Nir360 (139)
• Israel
5 Jun 09
You use your paypal/alertpay email as your id. and then after you requested you have to wait like a week and then you get it.. if you still have a problem message me :) and if you'd like to try other paying sites just ask :)
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@vonedon (96)
• China
5 Jun 09
You add the paypal's e-mail into your account , when you reach the money , you request payout , maybe in two days , the admin will pay you . But I haven't been in donkeymail for a long time . Good luck !
@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
5 Jun 09 is too much time i was not on donkeymails..years so may be the system changes..i remember when i was paid i just add my mail adress of the account i requested money!!I rememeber they paid with paypal and i requested as normal select amount maila dress i subscribed my account and wait my money come..i don't know if the system during all this time changed...