Got some new clothes

United States
June 5, 2009 4:17pm CST
I told my uncle I am going to student teach this September. I'm going to be doing it for 16 weeks, once a week. I.e. 16 different times. I was a bit nervous about not having enough professional clothes. My uncle told me, he would help me by buying me some new clothes, because his friends owns a store and gives him a really good discount. I thought I was only going to get one or two pants and a few new shirts. Boy was I in for a surprise! I got five new pairs of pants. One in a dark brown, one in a beige color, one solid black, one black with thin pink vertical strips, and one gray pair. I got four short sleeve button up shirts. One in green, one in white, one in black, and one in blue. I got this one shirt, the style is hard to explain but it looks Asian, in blue and green. Three shell shirts that came with cardigans One in white, one in black, and one in pink. I also got a gray jacket and skirt suit. So, now I have eight new shirts, five new pants, and a new skirt suit. So, I can wear all of my new looks for like 9 times before I have to recycle and mix and match. I'm going to go and look in my closet and see if any of my old clothes look professional. Now, I feel even more ready for September. Has anyone else been clothes shopping recently? What did you get?
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@suzzy3 (8357)
6 Jun 09
You have a kind uncle he certainly kitted you out for a while.Buying new clothes is a real treat these days,I treated myself to two new pairs of jeans from marks and spencers they are stretch and high waisted as those hipsters just don't look right on a woman my age.These fit me very well.Really pleased with them.
@kykidd (6819)
• United States
6 Jun 09
Wow, that was so nice of your uncle. And it is also nice of his friends. Because I always say, if you can't make money off of your friends, you sure aren't going to make any off your enemies. LOL I went shopping in the Spring when I had an interview. I bought a houndstooth jacket that would match a few different pairs of pants that I already own. That way I can mix and match. I bought it from one of the closeout stores. The original price tag was around one hundred dollars, and I only paid nineteen. So I felt like I got a really nice jacket at a really good price. I have another interview on Monday, so I get to wear it for the second time. Maybe this time I will get the job. :)