earnings not showing for the last 2 days. anyone else having this issue?

@mikeysmom (2092)
United States
June 7, 2009 10:38am CST
my earnings for the last two days are not showing and my earnings have been updated for today. anyone else having this same problem today and yesterday?
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@twoey68 (13651)
• United States
25 Mar 10
We go through this every now and then...and it always gets fixed. Don't sweat it and don't let it ruin your day. It's just a MyLot hiccup. [b]**AT PEACE WITHIN** ~~STAND STRONG IN YOUR BELIEFS~~[/b]
@bunnybon7 (37402)
• Holiday, Florida
18 Jun 09
i see this was a couple weeks ago. i hope its showing up by now? i have had it seem like my earnings didnt go up once or twice but thats when i once had a discussion deleted cause i messed up and once i responded to one that was deleted. it does happen from time to time. sorry. is it better this week?
@oyenkai (4398)
• Philippines
15 Jun 09
I did not notice if this happened to me as well last week. I don't check my earnings often enough I guess. I better watch out then! Although I did get paid last week because I reached my minimum payout on the 30th of last month. Thanks for the response on my discussion :)
@balasri (26553)
• India
12 Jun 09
Not to worry.It has happened many a times to me.You will get all your earnings added up when it shows up the next day.Do tell me if you are excited.
• United States
7 Jun 09
Yeah, alot of people have asked about this and I think you get paid on the next weekend. Not sure though.