The analysis for the Turkish GP

June 7, 2009 9:25pm CST
Before the race started last night, i watched some of the highlights and analysis of the hosts. It seems that the new aerodynamics of each car has affected its performance for the entire season. I think this is the reason why Hamilton, Kimi, and Massa could not even finish on the top 5. It has nothing to do with the engines anymore but more of the aerodynamics of the car. This is pretty big deal because they travel at maximum speed. Hope the engineers researched further to gain advantage over the air traveling through the car.
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• Malaysia
15 Jun 09
Yes, from what I gather the Ferrari's aren't getting enough down force on the high speed corners indefinitely. Team brawn on the other hand is burning rubber in all the Grand Prix. Its like Jenson found a Magical genie Lamp and made all his wishes come true. When the team was just run by Honda in 2008, Jenson was not anywhere near pole position.I reckon the new owner Ross Brawn when he bought the Honda Racing F1 Team from Honda has finally got the freedom to really make a great coherent team and car. The cars Mercedes-Benz engine has won 3 Grand Prix. That's a first in history!!
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
I do admire the Brawn team because they took the risks of starting a new team with Formula1. i still think that the Honda team made a wrong decision selling their rights and their two good drivers. As far as what i have heard from news i think Honda will return for 2010. Unfortunately for them they lost two good drivers that helped Brawn win on its debut.
• India
9 Jun 09
it was not only aerodynamics but it was also much the drivers could limit their tyerware was also very important......but what went wrong for the Ferrari and the meclaran was that their add weight due to the KERS system had put lot of pressure on the tyers specially on the front right tyre.....and the Turkish circuit has the daddy of all curves that is turn on 8 which is very long left hander and it also very high speed turn something around 270kph......and aerodynamically the cars had to be perfect as this track is one of anti clock wise track on the race has good length of straights and high and low speed corners.....there is a lot of hill in this circuit so the cars need good front and rear wing balance........
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
Their tyres are being used to its maximum potential but the wrong design for aerodynamics, added weight, and over all changes, it would be a really tough race for Ferrari and McLaren
@Rollo1 (16685)
• Boston, Massachusetts
8 Jun 09
Brawn GP has done something spectacularly right with their chassis. It isn't just the double diffuser, the car is a superior design and giving Button and Barrichello the rides of their lives. McLaren, on the other hand has got something horribly wrong. They really haven't made much improvement since the start of the season. They don't seem to be able to work out what's wrong with their design, the car is very stiff and handles poorly. Hamilton puts in all his racing effort, but it's simply not enough. Ferrari still hasn't got it right, but they are improving. Giving up KERS is one step in the right direction. Massa has improved his racing ability so he is good as well as fast. They have a chance of finishing the season with positions that are more what we are used to seeing. All that said, Ross Brawn is a genius and with the car and the drivers that they have, I don't think there is any stopping them this year.
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
You are absolutely right. The drivers might be on their best but if their car performs poorly i think no matter how the driver makes an effort it would still be not enough. i gues in the past races it shows how superb Brawn GP's engineering design for the car. They would be continuously winning.