How to Test Different Types Of Electronic Components!

@tzafar (14)
June 8, 2009 1:02am CST
Resistor Types Resistor Color Code Calculation Testing Resistor Testing Variable Resistor/Potentiometer Testing Continuity Testing Fuse Testing Coil/Inductor Testing Switches Testing Diode Testing Bridge Rectifier Testing LED Testing Linear Transformer Testing Capacitor Testing Transistor Most Important -------------- Rating: 1---5 stars(Discuss more according to the rating) Testing Zener Diode-----------------------------(*1) Testing Switch Mode Power Transformer-----------(*****5) Testing Ceramic Capacitor-----------------------(**2) Testing Voltage Regulator IC--------------------(**2) Testing Optoisolator/optocoupler----------------(****4) Testing Field Effect Transistor(Mosfet)---------(**2) Testing Darlington Transistor-------------------(**2) Testing Horizontal Output Transistor(HOT)-------(***3) Testing silicon Controlled Rectifier(SCR)-------(*****5) Testing Triac-----------------------------------(****4) Testing Crystal---------------------------------(***3) Testing Relay-----------------------------------(****4) Plzz also give images or images link to fully understand.
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@ShepherdSpy (8562)
• Omagh, Northern Ireland
14 Jun 09
It sounds to Me as though You want a digital electronics technician's Manual on diagnostics to address all that you want to know here..I've done electronics servicing in the past,but what you want is too much technical info to be described without diagrams in what should be a discussion.You may be able to find such info elsewhere online. Good Luck with that..