Would You Buy An Ebook?

June 10, 2009 1:26pm CST
I was just wondering if you would buy an ebook? Because I am planning to make an ebook and am trying to find out how many people actually buy ebooks. So if you would buy ebooks, what type of ebooks would you buy and what would you want the price to be! And if you won't buy an ebook why wouldn't you and how much is an ideal price for you?
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@tixepower (1196)
• Sweden
10 Jun 09
I can't just buy an ebook, I need to know what it's about first :D IF it's a "how to" ebook, then I suggest you either have some kind of promotion in it and give away for free or sell it for 1-2$ cheap at some forums like digitalpoint.
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10 Jun 09
What type of ebook would you buy? I think it will be mostly about how to make money online or along those lines. $1-2, yeah I was thinking selling it for $2 so that I get a lot of people buying my ebooks and then slowly when my ebooks are wanted I will provide them but for a slightly higher price like for $3 or $4.
7 Aug 09
In my opinion, e-books about earning money, SEO, and blogging are quite profitable. You can also profit from the e-book version of Twilight and Harry Potter since these two are the recent mainstream for book lovers. Desperate issues such as Stop Smoking and Losing Weight is also a good source of e-book income.
24 Sep 09
Thanks for the response will try and do the suggestions that you have made and fingers cross that they work. If I sell ebooks of twilight and harry potter couldn't they sue me or something? I don't want to earn money from doing illegal stuff because its too risky and you can't make a consistent amount of money.
@o0jopak0o (6407)
• Philippines
11 Jun 09
well if the ebook is really interesting and if there is an option for a real book. But the most important thing if i want to buy an ebook is how many file type it will be given. i want my ebooks in html, pdf and plain text
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7 Aug 09
The only times I have purchased an ebook is when it has been written by a blogger which I have followed for quite a while. The reason being is that as a follower I obviously like the bloggers writing style and the things he writes about, so it's a safe bet that I will find the ebook just as enjoyable and useful. What I wouldn't do is buy an ebook from someone I have never heard of before or who I haven't had experience of their writing style because then it's a risk of being a waste of money. The actual subject of the ebooks I have purchased are basically about SEO for advanced users and simplifying your life. As for the price well I have never spent more than $10 on ebook and would recommend quite a low price because you will have a better chance of people buying it even if they haven't heard of you.