how to get in to medical transcriptionist?

June 10, 2009 7:54pm CST
hello everyone, i'm also a filipino and wanted to know anyone who have got through this cause I have heard about but haven't have specific background about it and also have heard that some are earning good on this, do i need to have medical background to enter in this "work at home" kind of job? how do i enter or do i need to apply or something? my husband is a license medtech and working in a food company, we are engaged in conducting free seminars for churches so our schedule should be always available but trying to earn additional income make our time occupied,can anyone share information about this of now as we assessed, this kind of work would definitely help us, thank you so much for anyone who will response...God blessed all of you...stay blessed...happy mylotting.
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@allen0187 (33851)
• Philippines
23 Dec 09
hi jcservant! i know that there are schools here already in the country that are offering medical transcription as a short-term course. you need not be a medical graduate but having some background in similar courses such as nursing will greatly help you out in getting work as a medical transcriptionist. i have a co-manager who resigned from our company to work as a medical transriptionist. during her training, she literally had a crash course in medicine as she had to learn all these medical terms and conditions. of course, all the hard work paid off as she is getting a good salary and is now workign in the comforts of her home as a licensed medical transcriptionist. cheers!!!
@rsa101 (15467)
• Quezon City, Philippines
18 Dec 09
Here in the Philippines I have not heard of a work at home medical transcriptionist. From what I know there are medical transcriptionist companies that are hiring those that have finish attending a med transcription course. The work is like that of a call center where you have to go to their office and transcribe the voice recordings from doctors abroad. So the work schedule is usually at night and to be submitted on the next day.
@joygracia (1328)
• Philippines
19 Sep 09
Hi, I am a nurse by profession and I`ve worked before as an MT in SPI here in cebu. They have offered some training to some allied courses here for free with allowance. They`re quite choosy though because usually before they priorities those who are MT graduates. Here in the Cebu, if you wish to be an MT but you are not an allied graduate, you can possibly enroll in some MT schools for 6 months. I kinda like my job as an MT though it does really pay big here unlike in Manila. I decided to quit coz I need to find bigger job salaries coz of our financial problems. In MT work however, there is lots of opportunities. You could even get to work home with it if you`re like 2 to 3 years working as an MT. In my case, I found better opportunities in other fields of work to solve my other problems but honestly speaking, I kinda miss my MT work. Its fun and very useful to me since I get to learn lots of things. GUD LUCk on your MT career!
• Saudi Arabia
27 Jul 09
hello jcservant,I am also a Filipino. I am enrolled right now in a medical transcription course online. Actually, I've been in it for almost 3 years now but I can't really get myself to focus as I am full time mom of 5 children. Medical background is very advantageous though not necessary for enrolling in an MT course. Good communication skills (in English) is a must. I don't have a medical background also, I'm enrolled in a course and sometimes I'm having a very tough time. The MT course includes medical terminology and human anatomy lessons so it will give some medical orientation before the medical transcription part of the course. It now depends on how you could cope up. Regarding the earning potential, I heard that it also gives a good pay and I know of some sites online where you can bid for a project as a freelancer. I'm sorry I don't have any info regarding how to penetrate the MT industry in the Philippines. By the way, I heard from a friend that there is an MT course online being offered there in the Philippines for just 17k pesos. That's cheap! I paid way much more that that. I hope this response helps. God bless you, too.