Do people who collect welfare and food stamps annoy you

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June 14, 2009 10:09pm CST
I live in a rural area and as a favor I began working at the local store a few hours a week. I would have never guessed that so many people in my area collect welfare. People that have no reason to be doing so because they are perfectly capable of getting a job. One girl actually looked like she just stepped out of the salon ie. nails done, hair dyed, artificial tan. and paid for cigarettes with her food stamp card! What the hell? My husband drives 2 hours back and forth to work and busts his butt everyday so that his taxes and social security can pay for these freeloaders to smoke cigarettes. Something is dreadfully wrong with our welfare system. I have absolutley no problem with people who need some help recieving welfare thats what its supposed to be for. I have a major problem with people living off of welfare like its a lifestyle. Does anyone else have any stories like this?
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• United States
29 Oct 09
I agree when it comes to people like that, just be careful, as you did say, not to judge everyone in that position. Actually, the reason they annoy me is because I genuinely need the help. I have been unemployed since February because my company closed. I have applied all over the place, including for jobs I am way under qualified for, I am willing to work in a fast food place or anything if I have to but am getting no replies - basically half my town is out of work, with lay offs. I have been doing ok paying my own way - I didn't even get unemployment until I really needed it, a few months in. But right now I have just had some medical and dental bills, our rent has gone up, a few things like that and have ended up with no money for food because it is simply not there. The rent is now $50 more than my husbands paycheck (He works full time, and hard, but for a non profit and so not great pay) I am budgeting REALLY carefully a few weeks in advance and we will be ok (better if I get a job!) but this week, I have seen no other way except to go to a food pantry. We have a local 'Workers' one, for those who are working but struggling or on unemployment. Hopefully this is only for this week and maybe next. So yes, with those people who are kind of obviously playing the system, it does annoy me, because it means I feel ashamed for needing help, and afraid that I will be looked at as being the same as them, because of their behavior. I have to remember I have worked hard, am working hard to find work, have budgeted carefully and we are just in an awkward situation. So I won't be ashamed of doing what I need to for my family. But it is a help up when needed, not a permanent lifestyle!
@EliteUser (3968)
• Australia
29 Sep 09
Hey, Yes and I absolutely hate it, it sort of annoys me when I see people like this. Some of my friends are like this, their parents get a lot of money from the government, and my friends have the latest phones, games, computers, and it isn't quite fair. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@uath13 (8207)
• United States
15 Jun 09
Yea, I've seen lots of them driving brand new tricked out cars & paying for stuff on food stamps or welfare. I go to work 40 hrs a week, buy my own food & drive a vehicle that's almost as old as I am & I don't get stamps, I have pride. Seriously what are you doing driving a Lexus when your on food stamps?
@Kolla08 (48)
• United States
15 Jun 09
I dont exactly have a story like this one, but i am quite aware of the scams that some people pull to trick the system. It is sad that people do this only because there are alot of families that do need help, but when you have people who trick the system that makes the needy look bad. My family has needed help in the past and it seemed like we had to go through sooo much just to get a small amount of assistance. I remember my mother telling me that she could recieve a check for $14.00 a month for me and her to get food for us to survive. My father acted like he was allergic to giving money....i dont know the whole situation was terrible. I'm just glad that we made it through all of our hard times.
@daliaj (5688)
• India
15 Jun 09
I have come across lots of these kind of people. They come to our house talk about the issues (flood or earthquake or whatever be it) and ask for money. Most of the times we don't know about the truth and there is no way to check the truth and then give the moeny. There are lots of cheating happening like this.