LAKERS wins destroys MY BRAIN!!!

United States
June 15, 2009 12:08am CST
What the Hell are people thinking all the honking of their horns and shaking people cars I can see why we dont have a Football team. I just dont understand why you want to see your best team go all the way and then get locked up in jail because you were doing something dumb outside in the streets, my head is hurting so bad from all the speeding up and down my street and people screaming out of their cars and the police sirens and helicopters; I have to deal with those lights flashing all over my house and crap, and dont get me wrong I seen the game I seen them win and I like the Lakers but why all of this lol. I dont get it....
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15 Jun 09
honestly i think its because people get very few moments in life were they can honestly say they are truly happy at that certain time, So when something does happen that gets them excited their adrenaline goes out the roof and people do some dumb stuff thats how i see it.