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June 15, 2009 4:44am CST
hi what do u think about positive mental attitude books? do u belive that positive mental attitude help you feel better and think more clearly ? which positive mental attitude book u like most and why you like it?????
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• United States
23 Aug 09
i love positive mental attitude books, yes, i feel better after reading one, my favorite is THE SECRET. that book really helped me, and i reread parts of it all the time. its made me be a better me. you should read it if you haven't already.
@xredburn (97)
• Portugal
8 Jul 09
you can find content like that in any website
@owlwings (39604)
• Cambridge, England
15 Jun 09
I think that cultivating a positive mental attitude is extremely important and there are many books which are designed to help us do that. They come in different flavours, that is, they may have different emphasis depending on whether they are designed to help to boost confidence, attract wealth, success or happiness or encourage us to focus on goals. Of course, all of these things have something in common at the heart of their teachings. It is learning to value ourselves, to know our own worth and to know clearly what we want from life. Jesus told us to love our neighbour as ourself which naturally implies that we should first learn to love ourselves before we can love our neighbour! Loving ourselves properly is something that many people find difficult and, really, until we can begin to love ourselves, we cannot truly know how much God loves us and nor can we learn to love Him properly! If you believe in God, then you can be assured that He will teach you these things if you ask Him to. If you are not one for religion (which, by the way, is a slightly different thing from believing and trusting in God), then the principle still applies that we must learn to value ourselves before we can properly value others and make a true and confident goal for our lives. There are many words for the principle which is at the heart of all mental attitude books. The most usual are 'self-esteem' and 'self-confidence'. I think that I prefer 'self-esteem' because it doesn't have the slightly negative or derogatory tone that 'self-confidence' sometimes acquires (some people use the word improperly to mean 'cocky', 'pushy' or 'overbearing'). Truly self-confident people have a balanced attitude which allows them to know their proper value as a person in society, in other words, not only do they have a proper knowledge of their own worth but they also are humbled by their appreciation of the worth of others. This is why the love of God (if that is your belief), the love of people, animals and things around us and, at the heart of it, the love of ourselves in relation to these things is so important. I have, of course, seen many books, email courses, tapes, videos and websites which purport to help increase one's positivity and self-esteem. One I downloaded recently consisted of a short course, a worksheet and other materials and looks very good. It's called 14 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and can be downloaded free here: http://evolutionezine.com/free-ebook-package-14-ways-to-boost-your-confidence/ (it's a zip file containing three PDF documents). There are links to some other worthwhile freebies at the bottom of the article. As with all books and courses, you can't really expect to clear out all the negative emotional junk overnight. It takes practice and time and perseverance. We all collect such negative junk, often without realising it, and it is mostly those negative experiences, emotions and attitudes which comprise the 'writing on our walls' and prevent us from from fully expressing our positive sides and becoming as valuable and inspiring members of society as we deserve to be. One method, which has worked amazingly well for many people, is called Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a radically different method from most self-help life-coaching books and is based on a combination of something called Thought Field Therapy and acupuncture theory. Don't worry! No needles are involved and the technique is easily learned and applied to yourself, since it just involves tapping on certain points on the body (known acupuncture points) to stimulate them whilst repeating phrases which combine the negative statements we want to clear with positive affirmations. You can read much more about EFT (which I use in conjunction with other materials such as the ebook I mentioned above) at Gary Craig's website here: http://www.emofree.com/a/?3252/1 You can download the complete manual free (and with no strings attached) which will teach you the basics in half an hour or so and you can read more about the technique, which can be used to correct all manner of things from phobias and addictions to long-term physical afflictions. Central to the technique are the positive statements such as "I fully and completely love and accept myself". The amazing thing is that you can be as sceptical about EFT as you like and it can still work!
@earnnings (1298)
• India
15 Jun 09
Hi moneymarker2009, I feel that positive attitude books helps to think in positive mind set and they are have high impact on our personalities. Everyone should have an attitude of developing positive thinking ability. If this is habituated then who world will be free from hatred, cruelness, jealousy, etc, etc. And many are undergoing the personality development classes in our society, this makes us clear of about the positive thinking of a person. So nice of you to have this topic. I strongly believe that reading positive thinking books inspire everyone to be clear of their intentions and would be definitely free from cruel thinking. The negative impact on one's mind can be slowly turned to the positive thinking if and only if the person starts thinking positively. I love reading mental attitude books buddy. I read Daniel's sophisticated personality books...I love them. Keep smiling and happy mylotting :)