Blog being spammed by florist ads

@dana820 (277)
June 15, 2009 5:40am CST
I still can't believe that they think that this form of (deluded) marketing is still being tolerated nowadays. Why can't these florists (if they are even legit) get proper SEO techniques to market their site? They must know that this is hurting them 'cause they will be blacklisted or graylisted (?) sooner or later as more people report them. Since I don't want to moderate comments on my blog 'cause I don't want to alienate real people who do want to tell me what they think about what I write about, I've been left to delete these florist spams "forever" (yes, I use blogger) one by one. I think wordpress has a "this is spam" option on their blogs - is there? Well, I think blogger could use that feature too. I say, bloggers unite against florist spam comments! What do you say?
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