Are tabloids making us judgemental?

United States
June 15, 2009 5:58pm CST
I just came across a website that has 50 pictures of some celebrities in some rather interesting outfits. Now I'll admit none of these things are anything I'd wear out in public, but the website put these photos up there in attempt to poke fun at these celebrities. What is the point? Are you really going to feel better about yourself because Heidi Klum wore an ugly pair of shoes? Is it going to make your day to see Britney Spears have a fashion mishap? Why must we be so critical and judgemental of the way people choose to dress? Wasn't that once called "eccentric"?
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@tinam13 (840)
• United States
16 Jun 09
Yea, I think that stuff like this opens the door to make fun of people just because everyone else does it. We all know it's not right, but we do it anyway. It's sad because the people in the tabloids are in the celebrities business. It's really not a fair way to live.
• United States
15 Jun 09
by human nature standards everyone judges. but todays materialistic lifes have changed what is natural. i dont want to seem rude or anything of that sort. but also people have to relearn not to worry about those things. if u really want to worry about a suit/outfit. worry about ur own skin, and not what lays ontop of it. i highly consider clothes to be materialistic. and im not saying im not that way. but everyone has their own style. maybe one day ill way something i normally dont wear and people will think its odd or funny on me. but if im comfortable with it i dont care what people say. its not a mishap its just who i am.