Garage Sale Everyday of the week

United States
June 16, 2009 1:48am CST
I know this family that has a garage sale everyday of the week during the summer. It's crazy they will go and go and drive around and pick up other peoples trash find stuff a sell it and i'd broken they fix it. They actually make money off other peoples garbage. I have seen them charge alot for something they got for free which is insane. They take junk tvs and sell them for alot but the sad part is they end up breaking down and people get mad. I wouldn't buy anything that was in the garbage to me the garbage was there for a reason. It's also unsanitary and disgusting but they do say another persons garbage is anothers treasure. For them it is.
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@ethereal1 (218)
• Australia
16 Jun 09
Here, there is a 'tip shop' people actually look through the tip (dump) to find things that aren't too damaged and sell them at a shop that is on the tip site. It is partly run by the council. I wouldn't do it as a job, but some people do! The people who work there are generally people who care about the environment and want to encourage recycling ans reusing instead of buying new things because it is better for the environment.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
16 Jun 09
Wow. I would not like doing something like that. I used to go to yard sales years ago but not anymore. Like you said, alot of it is nothing but junk and most of it is nasty these days too.