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June 16, 2009 8:44am CST
So, I decided to read the Wheel of Time series again. My friend Randy is rereading the 10th book and he's getting really excited about whats happening and since I read to book 7 about six years ago I think that I am going to just reread the entire thing. It is 13 books, but I think its okay. I read the entire Harry Potter Series in a week and the Black Company series in two, so I think it will be okay. ANyone else like the series? Have a favorite character? Mine is Nynaeve. She was awesome!
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@cream97 (29166)
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10 Dec 09
Hi, lulastrange. I have never read any of these books. But, I have seen The Harry Potter movie once. I am not sure of what part..
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19 Oct 09
I am currently on the 6th book. The wheel of time is by far my favorite series. My favorite character would have to be rand. I wish i could just jump into the story and live it out instead of reading it.
@egdcltd (7319)
16 Jun 09
I've currently read up to book 10. I stopped getting the books as they came out, because after reading one of them I wasn't sure if the author actually had a clue where he was going with the series. Having a newer book that was said to be the penultimate, I decided to wait until they were all out, then read them all at once. Haven't done that yet, though, going to do the Sword of Truth series first I think.