Hi, when will you got married? What do you think of marriage?

June 17, 2009 10:04pm CST
It seems marriage has been more and more frequently talked among our classmates and friends now. And it seems so natural to ask each other about marriage plan every time we meet. Some friends have got married and some friends are goiing to get married. And some, are still at the same status as I am, though we are at the tail of our twenties, still set no target for marriage. As for myself, I am really afraid of marriage. Since I was born, I have beern suffering a lot from my parents' marriage. They quarreled and fighted every day at my childhood. Later though they departed for over 10 years, but severe war between them never stopped. To my strange, they still don't divorce. The only excuese is they try to not disassemble the so-called family. I hate them to some degree, I'd rather sacrifice the family existing in name only if their war can come to an end. Though I have talked to them several times, they can choose their own life without considering children. But they are still so stubborn and keep quarrelling adn quarrelling. So depressing. In this case, what's the meaning of a borken marriage? At least, I won't maintain such a stupid and excruciating marriage. Hi, Friends, what about yours?
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@zzyw87 (1260)
• Philippines
18 Jun 09
Marriage is such a sacred thing for me. I will only get married if I feel the time is right already. I will never succumb to peer pressure. I will only get married if I already found the right person. To add, I need to be financially secure first before settling down. That means having a steady income, some savings, a house, and a car. For me, marriage is supposed to be something that will make you and your partner closer in mind, heart, body, and soul. Marriage is supposed to be something both of you cherishes and enjoy.
• China
18 Jun 09
Definitely agree what you said, friend. Thanks for your great understanding.Wish you a happy life and marriage.