A thinker should keep in mind the society

@cudamani (998)
June 17, 2009 11:18pm CST
A good thinker is one who keeps in his mind the welfare of the society and the uplift of the needy and not just personal welfare and personal progress. Thinkers are not just philosophical but also seekers of truth in the sense that they should keep in mind the oneness of all beings.
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18 Jun 09
Hi, cudamani! While I agree with you, our opinion is not universal. Many, if not most people, agree that Ayn Rand was a great thinker. She was just one of many who believed there's no such thing as altruism, and we're all here to do whatever it takes for our own ends. I disagree, but the point is a valid one for many people. Considering the size of the Earth's population, it appears you and I are members of one of many points of view.