Why plastic surgery, because of insecurity of a woman?

United States
June 18, 2009 10:04pm CST
There were many women opted for plastic surgery. They want to enhance their beauty through these surgery, but they aren't nature, real as given by birth. It is more like wear a beauty mask to cover their weak spot through time. Don't you agree? Women want to have these surgeries, because they were lack of security too? If they are so confident about their facial appearance, why would they do so?
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@Margajoe (4720)
• Germany
19 Jun 09
Well, maybe some have security issues. As for me, maybe if I would have had the money, I might have gotten a nose job. But, I don't have the money. So I learned to accept my nose the way it is. It is your own decision when you want a surgery done. There could be many reasons for it, not only insecurity. But, I do admire there courage. I think even if I had the money, I would be to scared to have the surgery. So, it does take some courage too.
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@thea09 (18327)
• Greece
21 Aug 09
I absolutely agree with you that plastic surgery is a good thing. If a woman is insecure she can have the plastic sucked out I believe to make her thin. This is very good as women can be insecure about their weight and plastic surgery can make her feel thinner because they have this thing called liposuction. It sucks the fat out of insecure women so they can feel good about themselves because it will make them thin. So I agree with you that plastic suregery is the best thing for woman.
• Denmark
20 Jun 09
And why are women insecure. One word: MEN. To be honest, finding the right mate in life is not up to chance, its a competition with all the other women and men take only the best offer. So if a woman feels that she is not good enough for men, whos fault is it? Her parents? The competition? Or her own because she was born the way she was? I don't think so.