I earn $20.00 a day online.

United States
June 19, 2009 6:59am CST
Well thats the plan anyways, today I earned $30.00 and that has been the most I hsve earned in one day in over 3 months. I have recently given up my old online jobs and have set up a blog where I am keeping track of my online earnings and programs. My goal is to earn $20.00 a day doing various activities , I plan on working 5 days a week and taking the weekend of for my girls. If I make at least $400.00 a month that would pay for my household bills and I could live a lessed stressed out life. I have been unemployed for 3 years and started working online last July and its been pretty hard. But recenlty we moved to a smaller house pay less rent and if I manage my goal, we will begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to make this goal happen, I must make this goal happen and today I am celebratig my first time that I earned my goal amount, well more. I am on my way and will keep working at all my different little jobs till I do reach my desired amount. What is your goeal for working online. Do you have a set amount you would like to earn?