Do u like to carry your cellphone?

June 20, 2009 6:06am CST
I hate to carry it......but its necessary........without it sometmes it becomes very difficult to communicate in work.........but mostly i try to ignore it..........waht about you?
4 responses
@jerelmeow (130)
• Philippines
20 Jun 09
I only carry my cellphone when I need to like when I go to school or when I have something important to go to...
@omiami (412)
• Malta
20 Jun 09
I always carry my cellphone because i find it really handy to send a simple sms when you want instead of phoning for every little thing. Moreover one of the reasons because I like cellphone is because of the alarm clock and since I dont wear watches I find it quiet handy to keep it with me so i try not to forget it behind me or else I feel lost. cellphone has multipurpose functions, its a great technology!
@zhdy89 (304)
• China
20 Jun 09
I don't like to carry it,but it is very strange,whenever I forget to carry it,I worried that someone will call me,in fact it is also true.But I carry it,maybe it will not ring all day.Of course,as indeed forget to bring,the final result in the loss of business.
@liuchen63 (270)
• China
20 Jun 09
But I like to carry my cellphone.Because someone may look for me and tell me something or ask me to do something.I don't want to miss any important things.Although sometimes I am disturbed,I would still like to carry it.Because important things must come first.