Do You Know Why We Have a Dent Right Under Our Nose?

United States
@saw2207 (1367)
June 21, 2009 12:50am CST
philtrum - dent that runs from under the nose to the top of the lip
We have eyes to see with eyelashes to protect, a nose with hair inside to keep stuff from blocking it passages . . so why then is there a dent under most peoples noses? This dent is called the "Philtrum" and it runs from under our nose to the top of our lip . . and it is something that we all have yet it serves no purpose or does it???? It is said that before we were born, when we were safely ensconced in the comfort of the womb, we all had access to the ultimate search engine, Gd dispatches a personal angel to each and every womb, and this angel teaches us all the wisdom we will ever need to know on this planet. EVERYTHING. And then.......... just before we are born . .the angel put a finger over our lips and said.... shhhhhh!