extreme hair makeover and salon nightmares

@sanelaze (167)
June 21, 2009 3:20am CST
What's the most extreme or disastrous hair makeover have you had? From long straight (rebonded) hair to boy cut hair from long straight to curly big hair Some of you might think it's a anything but extreme. but for me, it's a major change. For years I've been wanting to have my hair permed. I wanted to have that big wavy curls but the hairdresser made small swirls. imagine my horror as i stare at the mirror. My siblings couldn't stop laughing. I didn't know how to hide it when i go to the office. I've been tying my hair in a bun for two weeks . at night the curls become a little bigger and it looks ok but everytime i wash my hair, it becomes more curly than ever. i tried using mouse and leave-on to make it become less curly and more wavy. It's been 4 months since and the curls look better. But still, my hair has become dry and brittled. I'm just waiting for my hair to grow so i could have it cut.
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