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June 21, 2009 8:54am CST
Charles Darwin on his theory of evolution states that life did not appear in one spontaneous creation, but through multiple selection of the fittest and by evolving. Those that could adapt to change could survive. I've noticed that some cockroaches have developed their speed. It's difficult to kill them by stepping on them. When I was in gradeschool, I remember them to be slower. Ants also have become faster. Kids nowadays have a memory of an elephant. It's funny how my 5 year old niece could use a cellphone, just by remembering the letters and numbers. She can't even read yet. She can send small messages like her name, or ask a question, wer r u? Just small phrases. And she can find where the games of my phone are. Have you noticed anything shocking with regards to evolution of man and animals?
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@Rollo1 (16685)
• Boston, Massachusetts
23 Jun 09
The first key to survival is to resist any change in your environment if it is one that suits your needs well. The second key would be to adapt quickly if the environment changes, but the animal kingdom does this differently than does man. Animals may find that only some of their kind will survive well in a new environment, and others may die. Entire species may go extinct, because adaptations require mutations and many generations to acquire in any particular species. Man has done it differently. Man adapts the environment to suit himself, he does not adapt to the environment. If it is cold, he finds a way to keep warm. He finds ways to cultivate food that may not be native, he domesticates animals to be food and working animals to aid in his survival. Now your niece is not adapting to her environment, she is simply acquiring the skills necessary for the environment she came into. Adults who grew up before the technological age and are facing a computer for the first time are nervous and worried they will do something wrong. I know people who still can't program the time on their VCR or DVD player. But kids grew up with gadgets, they don't see anything miraculous or new about them and they can just pick them up and fiddle with them without worry or care. When they grow up, perhaps there will be some new invention that makes them nervous or that they can't program.
@Bloggership (1118)
• Indonesia
22 Jun 09
Become Evolved are not gonna successful enough to survive unless the generation already receive the instinct on how to adapt with the current environment and how to get benefits from that environment. And the intelligences of the individual beings indeed influencing the successful of the evolution to innovate something. I do ever saw a single chimpanzee trying to puncture an "Ants" hole with a stick to get as much of ants to eat. And then the chimp become realize that the stick it was not enough to intimidate those ants to come out. So the chimp licking the stick with its own wet tongue and puncture again at the hole. The result are amazing. Many ants were patched at that stick... Now that's what i see evolute to survive.