Looks like earnings from paid reviews is soon coming to a very big slow down!!!

@coffeebreak (17820)
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June 21, 2009 4:43pm CST
There is always a fly in the ointment! First the GPT's got blasted cause so many were doing so many offers repeatedly...and there went our little bits of income Then PTC got blasted with scams and such.... and there went out next little bit of earnings. Well..."Paid Reviews" is one of the "last man standing" ways to make a little bit of earnings online. But... according to this article... the FTC is planning to put some sprogs, screws and sprockets into the monkey wrench and make take some of our earnings away. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/FTC-plans-to-monitor-blogs-apf-4106175840.html?x=0 I can see their point to a point. Just cause someone is recommending a product, doesn't mean that product is as the reveiw says it is nor does it mean that person has had personal, actual experience with the product they are recommending but in fact.. has never used it and just saying the goods about it to get a commission on the back end when a reader buys the product via this reviewers recommendation blurb. But at the same time...come on... does the FTC believe that we all beleive everything we read? YOu can ask a store clerk their recommendation, same as you would be reading it... she will tell you what she thinks.. but you don't know if she is telling you her personal experience or just what she read on the promo box of the product. There simply is no way to know for sure either way! SO.. you use common sense, collect all the information you can find and then make a decision based on what you think and feel. If is doesn't work out.. return it and don't buy it again. Just cause it worked for/on one person, doesn't mean it does the same on ALL people. I was in target and looking at anti aging lotions. Olay worked great for me - actual visual difference! But then it kind of fizzled out.. maybe I just got immune to it after using it so long or something, so I was going to try another brand. I asked a woman looking at the same stuff.. what's her experience? She said she liked Neutrogen. I decided to try Neutrogena....Did literally nothing for me. So do I have grounds to sue that woman for misleading me? Telling me it worked when it didn't? Of course not. So I don't see why the FTC is getting to crappy to the writters.. I think maybe they should just stop the manufactures from paying people to recommend their product... instead of paying one person... send out samples to all and let everyone decide for themselves, based on their own experience. Samples these days come in a one application option... give a person a weeks worth of sampling so they can figure if it is what they need/want. ANd when they like it.. they can tell their friends. Does everyone think these celebrities use all the products they promote? I don't think so. They probably have or will just cause they are "all the same anyway".. but I doubt to many of htem are hard core lovers of the brand they promote. SO.. what do you think and will this effect your little bit of earning online? Granted this woman in the article was making $800 a month for doing it.. good work if you can get it... but at the same time...I can see them haveing a problem with promoting things you don't know anything about... what part of "lie" doesn't register with them?
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@drannhh (15241)
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22 Jun 09
Next I suppose they will be fining artists for making paintings that do not look like what they are paintings of...go figure. I hate being protected from myself, or worse yet, to have the readers of my blog protected from me! I think Big Brother should put more effort into ensuring that school kids learn how to reason and less of this sort of after-the-fact band-aid approach to life.
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@oneidmnster (1389)
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21 Jun 09
I think that's what happens when a small market gets saturated.Too many people are trying to make money in a limited way.