how do you clean your bathroom/comfortroom? do you use muriatic acid?

@ckyera (17209)
June 23, 2009 8:07am CST
i do...but i find it not that good. i mean its good in getting rid of stains coz it acts fast, what i don't like is its bad smell that sometimes i accidentally inhaled i know its not good for my health but what else can i use to effectively remove the stains on the tiles of the bathroom? when i'm cleaning the bathroom or comfort room i usually first put the muriatic acid on the floor and on the bowl...and leave it for some minute, then brush it, rinse with water, then brush again with soap and chlorine, and rinse again... i want a clean comfort room and so i really put efforts in cleaning it and i do put some deodorizer eliminates odor... i am annoyed with people who uses it and did not flushed after... how about you? how do you keep cleanliness in your bath/comfort room? what are the things you do? can you please share? maybe i find new things from you on what's effective ways and things to use in cleaning the bath/comfort room... thanks in advance and have a nice day!