what are you majoring in?

United States
June 24, 2009 4:03pm CST
I am majoring in Sociology with a minor in anthropology. Sometimes i wonder if i chose the right major. i plan to go into social work after college, but i'm not sure if that is really what i want to do. is there anyone else going into this major that could help me out on more career options? also what is it that you are majoring in?
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• United States
28 Jun 09
I am majoring in architecture and minoring in landscape architecture. I may or may not add interior design to my repetoir though..
• Singapore
25 Jun 09
I majored in Chemical Engineering and didn't regret it*~. I understand it's difficult to see what's ahead, and probably thinking these interests and wants are just "at the heat of the moment". Are you studying the subject right now? If yes, you should have a rough picture of what's in store already. Follow your heart! All the best!
@khayshenz (1387)
• United States
25 Jun 09
I WAS a Civil Engineering major - and I love what I do (Class of 06). I think you've chosen the right major if you're planning to go into social work. Granted, social work doesn't really have a specific major per se. I mean you can go into child psychology (or psychology in general) and would still be able to be an amazing (and effective) social worker. If you're in it deep (i.e. almost done with it, already in senior year) - then just pursue it.Most of the time - we end up doing what we didn't go to college for anyway (except for some of us). If you're still a frosh (freshman/sophomore), then you should definitely talk to your counselor about other possibilities and other majors that you're interested in. Good luck with school!
• China
24 Jun 09
I am a tudent majoring in chemistry. But i do not like it. Many chemical product are toxic to us. So i do not know what i can do when i graduate.I do not want to undertake the job be involved with chemistry.So what can i do?
@ra1787 (501)
• Italy
24 Jun 09
I am studying energy engineering and i have to the decide wheter to specialize in nuclear engineering or renewable energy. I don't know what are the possible career option with antropology, but you have to chose a path that you like, you don't want to end up doing a job you hate for the rest of yout life!
@geo_raju (259)
• India
24 Jun 09
i am a btech student btech in industrial engineering i don't know anything about sociology i think you should have taken llb and become an advocate