Are you a perfectionist?

@dhawanbm (3705)
June 24, 2009 10:03pm CST
Doing things with utmost perfection is one great thing I do admire. I like to do things to the finish. Be it home or your work place when every thing is well organised tells about your attitude towards life and what a person you are! Are you a perfectionist?
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@substance (588)
• India
27 Jun 09
i am a perfectionist in some ways. I want detailed informations and i always give detailed informations relating to my work or any other things. I cannot adjust to disorderly households. Though i don have a perfectly organised room, i cannot stand dirty things and a unorganised kitchen will turn me off.
@Astraea (177)
• Sweden
27 Jun 09
I'm certainly a perfectionist! In school, I always get the highest grades but its never enough. I keep thinking that I could have gotten one more point, or that even though I got 100/100 on a test, I could have written a certain answer just a little bit better. It's the same when I draw or paint. I just have to put a hair exactly here, or maybe just a little more highlight there. It can get quite annoying at times since it takes so much time to finish things. I'm not perfectionistic when it comes to organise my belongings, though. My desk looks like something for WW2, but I still manage to find everything without a problem.
• India
26 Jun 09
I am not a perfectionist I try a lot , but at end I am not able to make it as it was expected to be. But I try my best . To be a perfectionist you need lot of patience , time management . some are perfectionist at their work , at their look, and all what they do. This will bring a discipline to ones life
@divkris (1163)
• India
25 Jun 09
I'm not a perfectionist at all! I try my best to give things a good and neat finish. but somehow things don't come out the way i perceive it :S Eventhough people appreciate my work to be creative they don't find it as a finished stuff. Finally what matters is the the neat presentation or look you give to your work, even if it is a repetition or a work inspired from another work ;)
@crazydaisy (3899)
• Canada
25 Jun 09
No but I like my place to be clean and I am very well organised I always know where eveything is I don't class myself a perfectionist because most people are . cd
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
25 Jun 09
I am not really a perfectionist, but I have been called meticulous. I am my own worst critic as well. I am usually guilty of trying to make my work better, even when others say that it is good enough...